Parks Department & Open Space


The Parks and Open Space Division provides comprehensive planning services for parks, trails, open space and recreation facilities that directly benefit the citizens of Monument by enhancing quality of life, promoting a healthy community, supporting the local economy and protecting and enhancing the environment. 

The Parks and Open Space Division provides recreational and educational opportunities by designing, renovating, constructing, and maintaining new parks, park facilities and trails for the citizens and visitors of Monument.


The Parks and Open Space Division has many responsibilities including:
  • Conduct comprehensive park and recreation facility planning.
  • Maintain, renovate and construct:
    • Buildings
    • Curbing
    • Fences
    • Parking facilities
    • Structures
    • Walkways
  • Manage, maintain and protect the natural resources within the parks and open space properties.
  • Provide landscape maintenance services.
  • Repair:
    • All manner of vandalized facilities
    • Landscape equipment
    • Lighting and plumbing systems
    • Monitor and renovate irrigation

Park Reservation Forms

To make a reservation, please visit the Facilities page or complete a Park Reservation Application.

Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement
Park Reservation Policy

Parks Plan 

Adopted in 2003, the Parks Plan identifies existing conditions and future community expansion as well as documents the direction viewed necessary to achieve the Parks, Trails, and Open Space goals of the community. 

View the Parks Plan (PDF) to learn more, or visit the Conceptual Parks Plan page

Parks Projects

Project General Location Discription
Christmas Lights All Around Town  Most of November and December is dedicated to decorating the Town for Christmas. With the official Tree Lighting event held in Limbach Park on the first Saturday in December.   
3rd Street Trailhead 3rd Street Trailhead for Santa Fe Trail Parks staff built stone walls around parking and landscape areas, installed an irrigation system and extended the trail to picnic tables.
Waterwise Demonstration Garden Adams and 2nd Street  This garden is being built with the intent to educate and demonstrate water saving landscaping principles. It will connect to the Santa Fe trial on the northeastern side and will feature labeled plants and educational signage. This space is being completed in phases, with phase one already completed. 
Barnhart Orchard 3rd Street, north of Santa Fe Trailhead After receiving a grant from the Colorado Tree Coalition and a donation from the Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project, the Parks Department began developing the space north of 3rd street along the Santa Fe Trail into an orchard space. This area is still under development, with the landscaping along the frontage and official naming and signage being the most recent additions. 
Updated Landscaping Town Hall, Water Department, Downtown Monument, Cemetery
In recent years, the Parks Department has worked to update or create new flower beds and landscaped spaces. Efforts include new concrete planters along 2nd street, renovated beds at the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce and Monument Sanitation District office. New landscaping at the Water Department building and Town Hall, and audits of aging irrigation systems in these landscapes.